in the long tradition of American inventors

Bill didn't eddy out after selling Perception Kayak.

In January 2005, he launched a new company called Evolution Kayaks. As he said, “I designed the boats as entertainment, to prove to myself that I could design a kayak using the Internet, CAD software and 3D printing.”

One of Bill's early inventions, the rotational kayak mold.

One of Bill’s early inventions, the rotational kayak mold.

Bill designed his Evolution series of kayaks using naval design software, which he found online. The kayaks feature a double step hull and unique parabolic shape “similar to a parabolic snow ski” for turning.

The designs went into rapid prototyping via a kayaker friend’s CAD skills and Bill continued to refine the design, perfecting a shape that would be fast and stable. He made his first prototype with a boat manufacturer in another country, managing development by email and videoconferencing.

Evolution kayaks also featured innovative plastics, lightweight, easily repaired materials offering extreme durability and stiffness, plus exceptional resistance to abrasion and ultraviolet light. With the boats launched and selling via selected retailers, Bill turned his attention elsewhere.

His interest in launching Evolution had always focused on product development and new ways to manufacture, so Evolution evolved, becoming an R&D and manufacturing facility, and offering product development, manufacturing, assembly and distribution to small start-ups.

The company is for sale, along with the related patents.

Piling up patents

By his reckoning, Bill has over 50 patents (this doesn’t count his patents pending).

He continues to refine and develop ideas, particularly in manufacturing and thermal transfer, but spends most of his time serving as a director, advisor and mentor.

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Bill Masters spends time working with venture capital groups and advising start-ups and young entrepreneurs.